It's time to believe the hype, and ditch the wipe. We're here to send toilet paper back to the 17th century and usher in a new era of cleanliness in the United States. Trust us: if you're still wiping, you're behind.

Omigo is #1 when it comes to #2. We make beautiful modern bidets that seamlessly integrate with your existing toilet so you can elevate your bathroom routine. Comfortable, aerated water offers a better clean and more hygienic experience than toilet paper or wet wipes ever could. 

The Element Bidet Attachment attaches directly underneath your existing seat. With dual nozzles, rear and front, you get a wash tailored to your needs. A built-in self cleaning system and nozzle guard insures the highest level of sanitation so you never have to think twice before sitting down. It’s also available with a warm water connection for a heated wash experience (Element+). Check the deets here.

The Omigo Bidet Toilet Seat swaps places with your current seat and offers way more functionality. A heated seat, custom warm water washes, built-in night light, and warm air dryer are just a few incredible features. Check out the full details on our Omigo in Detail page.

We want people to live their cleanest and most comfortable lives, and for us, that starts at the bottom (literally). Welcome to the glorious world of washing! 


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