Initially, I thought, how can I justify such a luxury. Once I received it, unboxed, set it up. 30 minutes later, taking a seat and reaching ultimate bliss. I said, forget the 90-day risk-free return. I'm using this for life.

Immy S.

First off not all bidets are created equal. This purchase was made to replace a competitor brand that was not as full featured for the same price and the angle of the dryer was all wrong on that one. I am happy to say that the water pressure, temperature control, movement function, heated seat, and night light are my absolute favorite functions for this add-on to the master bathroom. The install took me about 10 minutes and it simply works. There is nothing like being shower fresh down below...especially when I would often use toilet paper in the past while then at times hopping in the shower quick after.

Domingo G.

Where has Omigo been all my life? I don't know why we haven't all been using something like Omigo for years, but it's about time everyone did! I always feel clean and fresh now, and it feels even better knowing that I'm using way less toilet paper. I love how adjustable my Omigo is, the little welcoming chime it makes when I sit down, the remote, and all the thoughtful details that make it a joy to use: warm water, warm air, adjustable water pressure and width, all the different ways I can move the nozzle. I miss it when I'm away from home and only wish I could take it with me everywhere

Lisa P.